Homework allows our students the opportunity to develop and refine essential skills of independence and self-discipline. Homework should do the following:  

  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and knowledge;  
  • Extend school learning, for example through additional reading;  
  • Enable students to devote time to particular demands such as preparing for project work or coursework.  

Volume of Homework  

Homework should be set with a minimum of 48 hours to complete but ideally at least three days (this applies no matter how simple the task may be). All homework is set on Satchel:One.  

Please note, we do not publish a formal ‘homework timetable’ as we cannot account for each student/family’s personal commitments on a given evening; effective use of Satchel:One should allow students to manage their time well. On average, students will receive approximately 10 hours of homework per fortnight in KS3. This increases to 12 hours for KS4 students and 21 for KS5.

When homework has not been completed to deadline, a sanction will apply. Parents can monitor this in Satchel:One.

Parents’/Carers’ Role  

  • Support students with their homework where appropriate, remembering that the primary skills being developed through homework are independence and organisation;  
  • Try to provide a reasonable space where students can work or encourage them to make use of school facilities such as the Library;  
  • Encourage students to meet homework deadlines;  
  • Ensure that students maintain a healthy balance with school work and free time but that students do not overcommit outside of school;  
  • Provide the school with information about any problems with homework by contacting the school directly (class teacher/Form Tutor/Head of Year in the first instance).  


Satchel:One is the online platform used at TWGSB to set homework and issue points in line with our whole school behaviour policy (house points and negative points). It also allows you to view your child’s timetable and attendance.

Students and parents can access Satchel:One through the Satchel:One website or via the app on a mobile phone or tablet. Students must log in using the Office 365 function and their school email address and password.  

Parents are issued with a parent code, which allows them to set up a username and
password and see all of the work their child has been set, along with deadlines for
completion. Please email thegrammarschool@twgsboys.kent.sch.uk if you have any issues with your log-in.

Satchel:One have prepared a FAQ page and video guide for parents which can be accessed HERE.