Former Governors and Associates

Below are details of the Governors/Associates who have served in the past 12 months.

I am a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA), Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and an Economics graduate. I have over 15 years' corporate experience in various industries and serve on the board for a major Pensions Trust. Passionate about education, I retrained as a Fellow of HEA, training finance professionals and lawyers. I provide consultancy services on financial and business development, and also work with a national debt charity.

I have a real desire to contribute to the progress of young people, championing not just excellence in academics but providing space for students to thrive and reach their full potential in a caring, encouraging environment. I am married and have three teenage children, one of whom is at TWGSB. 

Type of governor: Co-opted
Date of appointment: 6 December 2021
Current term: 6 December 2021–5 December 2025
Committee membership: Staff Well-being and Development Committee (Chair)
Monitoring focus: Music

2021/22 meeting attendance:
- Full Governing Body: 2/4
- Staff Well-being and Development: 2/2
Declarable interests: None

A senior biomedical scientist by profession, I currently work for the local NHS trust in the position of Quality Lead, Biochemistry. I have worked in Healthcare diagnostics for the past 20 years and hold a Master's in Biomedical Science.
I have a passion for science and innovation and have been involved in several community/charity projects. I have additional qualifications in Advanced Quality Management and LEAN/Six Sigma, which helps me to lead process improvement, efficiency and customer experience projects.

I am married with two boys – the younger one attends TWGSB. 

Type of governor: Associate Member
Date of appointment: 8 February 2022
Current term: 7 February 2023–6 February 2025
Committee membership: Curriculum and Standards Committee
Monitoring focus: Science
2021/22 meeting attendance:
- Full Governing Body: 1/3
- Curriculum and Standards: 1/1
Declarable interests: None