Governing Body Structure and Committee Responsibilities

The Governing Body comprises a number of subcommittees, which are outlined below. All governors are required to attend meetings of the Full Governing Body and those of subcommittees where they are members. Associate Members are invited to all Full Governing Body meetings although their attendance is optional.

Full Governing Body

The Full Governing Body is responsible for overseeing the governance activities of the school – including vision and strategy, safeguarding, standards of teaching and learning, personnel and finances. 

  • Philip Drew, Chair of Governors
  • Keith Ditcham, Joint Vice-Chair
  • Petra Sluka, Joint Vice-Chair

The purpose of the Curriculum and Standards Committee is to act strategically with regard to Teaching and Learning, the Curriculum (including Careers Education, PSHE, Sex and Relationship Education). The committee  holds the school to account on educational performance and achievements, including the structure and delivery of the curriculum and measurement of academic attainment, overseeing the performance of the school in accordance with its aims, ethos and tradition.

The committee works with a focus on monitoring the School Improvement Plan, gaining an understanding of the scope of the curriculum targets and the activities the school is conducting to achieve academic success, as well as developing students’ cultural capital. The committee considers safeguarding and equalities implications when undertaking all committee functions, ensuring all students have equal opportunities.

Keith Ditcham
Fiona Hawkes
Olly Jackson
David Madin
Lorrae McCullagh
Anna Laila Pace
Ruth Pettifer
Fifi Roberts
Amanda Simpson
Clare Sinha (Vice-Chair)
Petra Sluka (Chair)
Carolyn Steer

The purpose of the Resources Committee is to hold the school to account on the performance management of staff; oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure that money is well spent; help ensure that the school is exploiting opportunities to access resources and position itself effectively in the community through implementing an appropriate marketing and communications plan; and provide oversight of the adequacy of the school premises, technology and facilities including maintenance and especially issues of Health and Safety in support of the school’s overall safeguarding objectives and responsibilities.

Ian Buckley (Chair)
Philip Drew
Peter Fallon
Nathan Griffiths (Vice-Chair)
Susie Martin
Bhaskar Vijay Shankar
Amanda Simpson
Dan Wass

Annual review and objective setting including professional external advice.

Clare Sinha
Petra Sluka (Chair)
Carolyn Steer

The purpose of the Pay Committee is to ensure that the aims of the whole school pay policy are achieved in a fair and equal manner and that pay and progression decisions comply with relevant legislation and regulation. 

Ian Buckley
Clare Sinha (Chair)
Petra Sluka