UCAS Application

Our students are guided through the university application process by their tutor and the Sixth Form team. The following resources can provide you with guidance on choosing a course, student finance and how to complete a UCAS application.  

Click below for a video of slides from the TWGSB UCAS and Student Finance Parents Information Evening, presented by members of the TWGSB Sixth Form team, July 2023. At the end of the slides below is the audio presentation on Finance sent in by Sussex University, which was played during the evening.




Key Dates for 2024 Entry

Date Action Internal/external deadline

May 2023

Year 12 UCAS set-up day. All of Year 12 to register with Unifrog and log on to UCAS.com


Thurs 25th May 2023

Personal statement first draft to be given to form tutor


Weeks beginning 12th and 19th June 2023

Individual review and one-on-one support for personal statements with form tutors


Mon 18th September 2023

All Oxbridge, vet and medicine applications to be submitted to Mrs Corp


Mon 16th October 2023

External deadline for Oxbridge, vet and medicine applications to UCAS


Fri 20th October 2023

All remaining UCAS forms to be submitted to form tutor


Weds 31st January 2024

External deadline for all UCAS applications



How to Apply – 2024 Entry

The TWGSB UCAS How to Apply Guide for 2024 – ALL TWGSB students should use this step-by-step guide to filling in the form online in order to prevent making mistakes that may delay their application.

Key resources
  • www.ucas.com – needed to actually apply to university and useful for course searches
  • www.unifrog.org – one-stop shop for everything to do with UCAS and apprenticeship applications
  • http://university.which.co.uk – advice on choosing courses/comparing courses and universities
  • www.discoveruni.gov.uk – allows you to search and compare data/student satisfaction/costs etc. of different universities 
  • www.opendays.com – full calendar of all of the open days and webinars. Even though some of these may be online you still need to sign up for many of them
  • League tables linked with broadsheets The Times, The Guardian and The Independent
  • Example personal statement packs held in the form base with each tutor.

UCAS Offers and What to Do Next

Click for UCAS What to Do Next 2023.