Parents' Evenings

All Parents' Evenings are held online via SchoolCloud. Information on how to register, book appointments and attend video meetings can be found below. Parents are advised in the weeks before each event as to when the booking system will open for them to make appointments with their son/daughter's teachers.

2023/24 Parents' Evenings Dates

Year 7: 9–11th January 2024

Year 8: 27–29th February 2024

Year 9: 23rd–25th January 2024

Year 10: 14–16th May 2024

Year 11: 5–7th December 2023

Year 12: 23rd–24th April 2024

Year 13: 14–15th November 2023

Using SchoolCloud

When first registering for SchoolCloud, please note that parents need to register using the exact same information as that held on their child’s student record, and use the student's preferred forename and surname, rather than legal names. Log in to SchoolCloud here.

In the case of parents who do not live together, please book only one appointment per teacher for your child. You can give one other parent/guardian access to join your video appointments.

How to book Parents' Evening appointments on SchoolCloud

How to attend video appointments via video call

How to invite another parent/guardian to join your appointments